Howard Partners, a consulting firm whose collective is driven by beliefs about the place of the Human in the company in a context of societal transition, and with the ambition to provide answers to our customers to understand the complexity , while offering its customers and employees a path towards Autonomy.


At the heart of societal transition

New technologies are the accelerators of a profound societal transition. Companies have therefore initiated numerous transformation programs with a technological focus. However, technology is what companies make it: a tool or a weapon. It can and should encourage companies to open up to society, gain full awareness of their social responsibility, inspire, and instil meaning. Technology without ethics is the ruin of humankind.

In this context, the real challenge of this transition is to identify the place of humans, their usefulness to the group, and their individual responsibility. The mobilization of collective energies is a guarantee of the transformation of companies in today’s society and of their resilience. As such, Howard Partners places itself at the service of companies faced with these new challenges, both human and technological, by:

Supporting the societal transition of companies

Companies must learn to plan ahead and look to the longer term if they are to be recognized as contributors to transformation by their ecosystem in its entirety.

Giving new meaning to companies

Companies have thrown themselves into digital transformation programs, unfortunately often quite disconnected from strategic considerations and their on-the-field application. As such, they remain stuck at the Proof Of Concept stage.

Balancing ethics and data

Companies capture, generate and utilize data, which become a genuine resource, a capital. At the heart of new economic models, these data may become new sources of revenue. However, companies lack clear convictions in terms of ethics.

Turning regulations into opportunities

Companies are confronted with fast-paced market changes and the expectations of society (environment, ethics, governance), and so innovate. However, they fail to integrate regulatory compliance measures into their thinking. Consequently, regulations are mostly perceived as constraints, leading to a setting in motion that is often ineffective, unsuitable or deprioritized, with superficial implication. Despite this, regulations can be accelerators of business development.

“Human Ahead”, committed and citizen-focused

What’s behind the name?

Howard Roark was an architect living in New-York at the turn of the 20th century. Passionate about his profession, he embraced his own vision of a new way to build, going against current trends. Reaping the full benefits of the advent of reinforced concrete, his works are described as innovative.   

A humanistic vision

Just like this character, the Howard Partners consultants have developed a profoundly humanistic vision and learnt to practice what they preach. They perceive the new technologies as accelerators of an inevitable and more profound societal transition. Consequently, the issue driving them is the place that humans will occupy in tomorrow’s world.

An eminently holistic approach to problems

“Human Ahead” is proof of Howard Partners ambition to understand its customers’ projects in a holistic manner, i.e. by incorporating all levers, whether strategic, business, organizational or technological, with the goal of anticipating impacts on humans: collaborators, senior executives, shareholders, and citizens alike.

“Human Ahead” methodologies

Howard Partners develops methodologies, based on the know-how of leading consulting firms, while also incorporating practices derived from socio-dynamics and tools to identify and measure the impacts of decisions made by companies in terms of balance of power, wealth, environment, and society.

An ecosystem to understand complexity

Based on their experience, the founders of Howard Partners are utterly convinced that: “You don’t need to be a bricklayer to be a good architect”. Well aware of the different professions and issues involved in intellectual services, they have chosen to practice and pass on a profession, namely consultancy. All this without succumbing to current trends that seem to think you need to be an IT developer in order to support senior and operational managers facing complex issues.

The Howard Partners consultants are proud of their profession and are working hard to support this “back to basics”. They regard themselves as “orchestra conductors”, i.e. people who understand the business issues facing senior executives, can pinpoint what’s “niggling” them, and build “Taylor-made” operational solutions by activating a multitude of skills

To that end, Howard Partners leads an ecosystem of experts, driven by freelancers and corporate organizations alike, whose skills range from gamification and technological innovation to training and coaching.

In short, Howard Partners believes in the increased value of an ecosystem of experts, prioritizing both their autonomy and their focus on their own specific know-how.

Autonomy maker

Autonomy of service

To be a consultant with Howard Partners is to adopt the “conciliatory contradiction” approach, i.e. know how to put forward, subtly and skillfully, your own point of view, which will not necessarily be that of your clients, while at the same time inspiring their trust in you and promoting their business dynamics. This leads to interlocutors who say what they think, but with discretion, without either pandering to or blatantly going against their clients’ opinions. Moreover, clients will be invited to assess the mission (and not the consultants). Their assessment will directly impact the remuneration of the team of consultants.

Autonomy of consultancy

While academic backgrounds matter, Howard Partners gives priority to original profiles, i.e. passionate individuals, eager to learn, and willing to question themselves and others. Howard Partners consultants consider their profession as an initiatory journey, an experience of their own life, while at the same time nurturing the pride of being part of an ambitious project, that of helping change the world.

Autonomy of management

Howard Partners human resources policy leverages excellence without competition. In this way, the different levers prioritize the group and the development of individuals, as a bonus calculated on the average score of mission assessments by clients, the transparency of remuneration progress, and the preference given to mentoring of consultants over their assessment.

Autonomy of relationships

Howard Partners philosophy is to valorize human relationships overcontractual relationships. Howard Partners consultants will always strive to respond to the requests of clients and prospects, irrespective of commitments or contracts. Moreover, all consultants recruited by Howard Partners can be sure that they can always count on the help of the founders, even once the former have left the firm: “Once Howard! Always Howard!”.