CSR policy

Since its creation, Howard Partners has developed a true philosophy of its business, anchored in its genes and committed to sustainable development and responsibility towards its employees, clients and suppliers, civil society and humanity.

Our initiatives

Fully consistent with our philosophy, we adhere to the United Nations Global Compact, in particular the ten fundamental principles of the United Nations in the areas of human rights, labor rights, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.

Our involvement and priorities for action are set out in our CSR charter and policy.

1.    Environmental liability

Because of our philosophy, we are aware that we are part of a whole and that we have an impact on the environment, with the ambition to reduce our carbon footprint.

2.    Societal Responsibility

Personal development, through the employability and skills of our employees, is our concern.

3.    Societal duty

Our collaborators respect the ethical rules in their professional life, and, together with the firm, they support social projects.

Our publications

1.    Howard Charters

The firm has several charters proving the importance of CSR for the company.

Download the charters respected by the firm:

  • UN Global Compact (link http://www.globalcompact-france.org/);
  • Diversity Charter (link https://www.charte-diversite.com/charte-de-la-diversite/);
  • Howard Partners Ethical Charter below;
  • CSR Charter for Suppliers of Howard Partners below.
2.    Progress update

Each year, Howard will reaffirm his commitment to the 10 fundamental principles of the UN by issuing a COP or Communication On Progress.

Publication scheduled for early 2022 of the first edition of the Global Compact COP Howard Partners 2020-2021 report.

Howard Partners ethical charter

1.     The executive's word

Created in 2020, Howard Partners is primarily a human adventure, that of 4 partners, coming from different renowned consulting firms, driven by a common vision and ambition, that of autonomy, embodied by the novel character, Howard Roark. They are all driven by the idea that everyone can change the world, be useful to society, and thus realize themselves as human beings. In this sense, Howard Partners is reinventing the consulting profession. Aware that the human being must find his place in tomorrow's world, Howard Partners accompanies its clients and collaborators, in a subtle balance between short-term economic performance and impact on society and therefore humanity in the long term. Developing a culture of ethics and individual responsibility is a non-negotiable ambition.

The trend is for companies to put forward values ranging from benevolence to excellence. Today, words have a form of benevolence, the values stated by companies lack embodiment, and remain only a pretext for an employer or consumer brand. Thus, there is a break between good intentions and evidence, whether operational, managerial, or business. This lack of alignment is often the source of frustration and disappointment, which hampers employee commitment, and even leads to customer disaffection. The company's resilience relies on individuals within a collective, which gives meaning.

Howard Partners' support methodologies that integrate the importance of the company's vision and values with their operational application, with a concern for overall contributory congruence, such as the symmetry of collaborator-client intentions.

This is why Howard Partners attaches fundamental importance to values such as autonomy, excellence without competition, and a sense of teamwork. Howard Partners' employees benefit from personalized support, i.e., beyond an evaluation, the identification of personal singularities and levers for personal development, avoiding internal competition, which often destroys value.

In addition to compliance with the law and contractual commitments, Howard Partners' CSR policy includes principles that are binding for all employees, regardless of their status or hierarchical level. Every Howard Partners employee should strive to live up to the ideals of these values. These principles are translated into rules of life and every employee of Howard Partners must abide by them.

In accordance with the principle of exemplarity, respect for these values must be reflected in our relationships with customers, suppliers and partners, in compliance with the laws and regulations in force and with our ethical principles.

Philippe Auther
President, Howard Partners
Olivier Cuisinier
CEO, Howard Partner

2.     Introduction: The values of Howard Partners

Howard Partners is committed to developing its business around three (3) key values:

1.    Autonomy

  • Autonomy of service: Being a Howard Partners’ consultant means being aware of the subtle balance of "conciliatory otherness", which assumes a position of contradictory, while ensuring confidence and dynamics among clients. This translates into interlocutors who are neither similar, nor too out of step, just to be out of step. It should be noted that clients will be asked to evaluate the mission (and not consultants), an evaluation that will have a very direct impact on the variable remuneration of the consulting team.
  • Autonomy of the consultant: Beyond academic backgrounds, Howard Partners favors the singularity of profiles, i.e. passionate individuals, curious to learn, who know how to question themselves. A Howard Partners consultant sees his job as an initiatory journey, an experience of his own life, while developing pride in belonging to an ambitious project, that of helping to change the world.
  • Management autonomy: The Human Resources policy of Howard Partners bets on excellence without competition. Thus, the different levers favor collective and individual development, such as a bonus calculated on the average of the clients' mission evaluations, transparency of the evolution of remuneration, the absence of evaluation to the benefit of the mentoring of the consultants.
  • Autonomy in relationships: Howard Partners' philosophy is to look at the human relationship beyond any contractual relationship. Howard Partners consultants will always be committed to responding to client or prospect solicitations beyond any commitment or contract. In addition, a consultant hired by Howard Partners is assured that he or she will always be able to count on the support of the founders, even after they leave the firm. "Howard, someday! Howard, always! ».

2.    Excellence without competition

The partners of Howard Partners have chosen to favor collective, betting on excellence without competition. Wishing to integrate different profiles, and therefore by definition incomparable, they promote the recognition of singularities, as long as they are part of a collective and contribute to a vision. In fact, they have decided to eliminate all promotion reflexes linked to evaluation, the basis of the grade pyramid, by instituting an innovative HR model that highlights the values of the collective.

3.    The sense of the collective

  • Faced with the complexity of a changing world, companies are seeking to build resilience through agility. They have thus adopted so-called agile organizations, in a claimed model of liberated company. Giving employees more flexibility has thus become a performance lever for companies. Nevertheless, without a clearly enacted and understood vision, employees, whose management expects them to take initiatives, can, on the contrary, lose their bearings, the very meaning of the company, and therefore their usefulness to a collective.
  • The conviction of the partners of Howard Partners is to accompany the development of the autonomy of its consultants, who will thus be able to acquire expertise, activate their creativity and express their capacity for innovation, all supported by a collective project. Contrary to independence, autonomy means accepting one's singularity, assuming it, having it recognized, and being a part of collective, that of the company or society. Recognized for their impact, consultants bring even more added value to clients and contribute to the transformation of society. They will become aware of their usefulness, of the meaning of their profession. This is why companies should not be liberated. It is indeed the individuals, who must be freed!


Howard Partners develops on the principle of symmetrical intentions, cultivating the personal development of its employees, the human capital essential to the business. The focus is on collaboration at work, mutual help, a culture of doubt (against dogmatism) and respect for differences. Everyone must be able to confront themselves and thus grow. The working environment must be safe and healthy. Respect for private life and the right work-life balance are obviously taken into account, as is respect for others and kindness.

1.    Our respect for women and men in the company

Respect is a core value at Howard Partners, that is, respect for every employee without discrimination of any kind. Howard Partners is committed to promote gender equality, diversity, and the right to work for all, focusing its social policy on skills and personal development. Every individual should have access to hiring process, training, and promotion, regardless of age, gender identity, political views, sexual orientation, ethnic or national origin, religion, trade union activity or health status. Any disrespect, including but not limited to abusive language, racist, discriminatory, or sexually biased language, or inappropriate behavior, is therefore unethical at Howard Partners.

2.    Our fight against moral and sexual harassment

Preventing the risk of employee harassment is a strong commitment at Howard Partners, which is reflected in a comprehensive occupational risk prevention policy.

In this context, Howard Partners is committed to respecting the individual and his or her dignity, and refrains from any form of discrimination or moral or sexual harassment, physical, verbal or moral violence.

3.    Our Privacy Policy

Howard Partners respects the privacy and adequately protects the personal data of its employees.

4.     Our commitments as a company to our customers, suppliers and partners

1.    Our commitments to our clients, including anti-bribery and anti-corruption commitments

The choice of our clients and the issues we deal with must not deviate from our ethical values. Our interventions with our clients aim at bringing tangible value, an ability to question, a proximity to understand the complexity of the problems, and a long-term commitment.

As part of its anti-bribery policy, Howard Partners does not offer any financial advantage to individuals in order to obtain a commercial or contractual benefit, with the exception of discounts for the benefit of legal entities. This does not exclude a policy of gratuities - gifts or invitations - granted to clients, which remain exceptional and whose sole purpose is to strengthen the firm's brand image. Their value remains symbolic and cannot influence a commercial decision.

2.    Our demand to our suppliers

The choice of our suppliers is made in accordance with our ethical values. As part of its anti-bribery policy, Howard Partners employees do not accept any financial advantage from suppliers in order to gain a commercial or contractual benefit, with the exception of possible price discounts to the benefit of Howard Partners.

3.    Our respect for the rules of confidentiality

Howard Partners is committed to a relationship of trust with its clients. Respect for the confidentiality of non-public information entrusted to is a non-negotiable prerequisite.

Consequently, Howard Partners undertakes to comply with French and European legislation on the protection of information, and in particular those relating to Intellectual Property, Business Secrecy and the Secrecy of Correspondence. When the exchanges concern personal data, Howard Partners complies with the General Data Protection Regulations (RGPD) and its translation into French law. These obligations apply both to data collected or produced by Howard Partners and to information entrusted to it by its clients.

These rules apply to any person authorized to access the firm's resources (tools, equipment, internet access, etc.) with an adequate computer security system.

5.     Our commitments as a responsible corporate citizen

In the same way as its interventions integrate it, Howard Partners steers its impact in particular on the environmental, social and societal levels, and as such is committed to provide a sincere and transparent vision of its actions and commitments in terms of sustainable development and respect for the environment.

1.    Our commitments to limit our environmental impacts

Protecting the environment is a major concern for Howard Partners, which, at its level, is attentive to its environmental impact. Howard Partners is committed to raise awareness of sustainable development issues and of the approaches implemented within the firm, such as reducing the carbon footprint of the transport used, reducing paper printing, reducing food waste or lowering energy consumption. Howard Partners encourages employees to reduce waste and recycle.

2.    Our desire to perpetuate our commitment to society

Howard Partners is committed to support its partners in the development of their business. Howard Partners encourages its employees to play an active role in the community, by participating in pro bono missions with associations. Howard Partners asks its clients, suppliers, and partners to comply with the ethical principles contained in this charter. In the event of non-compliance, Howard Partners reserves its right to review and possibly terminate the business or partnership relationship.

6.     Implementation

1.    The provision of this Charter, supplemented by a Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices of Howard Partners

This Charter is distributed to all employees of Howard Partners and is set out in a Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices, which defines the rules to be applied for the prevention, detection, and cessation of inappropriate or illegal conduct related to corruption, conflicts of interest, data confidentiality and free competition. This Code of Conduct is also distributed to all employees of Howard Partners.

2.    Setting up an Ethics Committee

In the course of conducting their business, employees of Howard Partners may have concerns about certain practices and may require assistance or guidance in resolving them. When in doubt, and before any decision is made, they may contact the Ethics Committee. The Ethics Committee is also responsible for adjudicating any suspected or actual non-compliance with the Ethics charter.

3.    Access to a professional alert system

A specific professional alert system has been set up within Howard Partners in order to enable all employees to report, in a disinterested manner and in good faith, any facts of which they have personal knowledge relating to:

  • A serious and imminent physical or mental danger;
  • Acts of sexual harassment or sexist behavior in the context of work by one or more persons in the company, customers or any other fact;
  • Acts of serious infringement of laws and regulations or of the general interest in relation to man, the environment, the economy or society.

Howard Partners CSR supplier charter

1.     Introduction

Since its inception, Howard has been committed to upholding the eight (8) fundamental conventions of the ILO and the ten (10) principles of the United Nations Global Compact outlined below:

The eight (8) fundamental conventions of the ILO

    1.     The Forced Labour Convention, 1930 (No. 29);
    2.     The Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise Convention, 1948 (No. 87);
    3.     The Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining Convention, 1949 (No. 98);
    4.     The Abolition of Forced Labour Convention, 1957 (No. 105);
    5.     The Equal Remuneration Convention, 1951 (No. 100);
    6.     The Discrimination (Employment and Occupation) Convention, 1958 (No. 111);
    7.     The Minimum Age Convention, 1973 (No. 138);
    8.     The Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention, 1999 (No. 182).

The ten (10) principles of the Global Compact Human rights: Businesses should:

    1.     Promote and respect the protection of international human rights law within their sphere of influence;
    2.     Ensure that their own companies are not complicit in human rights abuses;  

Labour law: companies are invited to respect:

    3.     Freedom of association and recognition of the right to collective bargaining;
    4.     The elimination of all forms of forced or compulsory labour;
    5.     The effective abolition of child labour;
    6.     The elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation;

Environment: companies are invited to:
    7.     Applying the precautionary approach to environmental problems;
    8.     Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility;
    9.     Promote the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies;  
    10.     Fight against corruption: companies are invited to: Take action against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.

For more information, see www.ilo.int or www.pactemondial.org.

This commitment is in line with Howard Partners' desire to make its consulting activity part of a resolutely ethical and humane approach, with regard to its employees, clients and suppliers, civil society and environmental protection.

This Charter reflects Howard Partners' resolve to promote the application of sustainable development principles to suppliers and service providers. This will is a long-term commitment and aims to integrate corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an important selection criteria as much as cost, quality or service aspects.

2.     The commitments expected from suppliers

Howard Partners expects the Suppliers it works with to commit to and adhere to the following three (3) principles:

1.    Business ethics

Howard Partners and its suppliers are committed to the fight against corruption and unfair competition.

Within the framework of its anti-bribery policy, Howard Partners does not offer individuals any financial advantage in order to obtain a commercial or contractual benefit, with the exception of rebates to the profits of legal entities.

For its part, the supplier shall not offer Howard Partners' employees any direct or indirect gift, financial benefit, compensation or service that may distort the business relationship with Howard Partners and that is intended to facilitate its business with Howard Partners. Gifts may only be accepted by Howard Partners if they are exceptional, of small value and related to specific events that make them legitimate.

2.    Social commitments and labour law

The Supplier shall comply with international conventions on fundamental principles and rights at work, in particular the declaration of the International Labour Organization and international human rights legislation.

In this context, the Supplier undertakes to use all necessary means to act in accordance with the following principles:

  • Abolition of child and adolescent labor,
  • Non-use of illegal, forced and/or compulsory labor,
  • Fight against discrimination,
  • Compliance with applicable laws in terms of working hours, the level of remuneration of its employees and the right to collective negotiation,
  • Ensuring the health and safety of its employees, its own suppliers, local populations and users of its products.

3.    Respect for the environment

The Suppliers of Howard Partners undertake to comply first and foremost with the regulations in force in the countries in which they operate.

In addition, they promote the provision and use of recyclable and environment friendly materials in order to protect nature, biodiversity and ecosystems. They also ensure that their consumption of natural resources and energy is part of a sustainable development approach and that the impact of their activities on the environment is controlled.

Finally, suppliers apply an environment friendly waste management policy.

Therefore, working with Howard Partners, the supplier:

  • Accepts the terms of this Charter, and
  • Undertakes to implement all necessary means to respect, and to ensure that its own suppliers respect, the provisions it contains, and
  • Undertakes to inform Howard Partners as soon as possible of the discovery within itself (or at one of its subcontractors) of any breach of business ethics rules, or environmental or social regulations, directly or indirectly concerning its relationship with Howard Partners, which may be detrimental to the reputation of Howard Partners, and
  • Accepts and agrees to disclose to Howard Partners:
    • The contractually agreed information required by Howard Partners for its annual CSR report or reporting; it ensures the reliability of the information within the agreed formats and timeframes, in particular with regard to annual environmental reporting.
    • On request, any environmental or social ratings, certifications or labels issued by a certification body or rating agency, on all or part of its CSR policy.

In the event that the supplier could not meet the commitments made, it would be required to inform Howard Partners as soon as the facts were identified in order to decide on the corrective actions to be implemented.

Non-acceptance of these principles or any breach of these principles by an existing supplier may result in Howard Partners excluding that supplier from a consultation or its supplier panel.

Howard Partners reserves its right to withdraw with suppliers who do not comply with this Charter.