The Howard Partners consultants are proud of their profession and are working hard to support this “back to basics”. They regard themselves as “orchestra conductors”, i.e. people who understand the business issues facing senior executives, can pinpoint what’s “niggling” them, and build “Taylor-made” operational solutions by activating a multitude of skills.

Howard Partners is a firm that knows how to mobilize complementary and qualitative skills, derived from its ecosystem.

Our Partners

Our Experts

In a slow-growth, mature economy, companies often choose to part with their older senior executives in order to maintain careers that continue to be attractive and gratifying for younger people. Howard Partners is convinced that these “older” people have huge skills, which ideally complete those of our consultants, for the achievement of high-value transformation missions.

Indeed, driven by a spirit of excellence and possessing business, functional and project-related expertise, these collaborators understand the culture of companies and sectors, from which they themselves come, and can thus play the role of “the expert advisor” in systems. They take extremely seriously the support they give to our consultants, in an intergenerational transfer of skills. 

To be part of the “Howard Experts” ecosystem thus means making yourself useful for a dynamic, collective project, driven by humanistic values and the desire to contribute to the societal transition of companies. To join our “Howard Experts” ecosystem, please apply via LinkedIn by clicking on this link: