Howard Partners, a consulting firm, seeks to understand the complexity of its clients’ projects with the aim of anticipating impacts on humans.
Howard has developed its own “Human Ahead” methodologies, relying on an ecosystem of complementary and qualitative experts.

The human factor is, once again, at the heart of corporate transformation.

- Howard Partners, “Human Ahead”

Who Are We ?

We evolve in an ever-shifting and unstable world, whether this concerns work organization, management, technologies, artificial intelligence, ethics, climatic and health issues, urban and rural revolutions, global collaborations, local solutions, etc.

Howard Partners vocation is to support societal transition with the aim of giving new meaning to companies and enhancing the role of humans faced with the escalation of the new technologies, the repetition of crises in all forms, and, last but not least, the management of uncertainties, challenges and major upheavals in companies.  

Voluntarily “Human Ahead”, Howard seeks to understand the complexity of its clients’ projects, in a holistic manner, that is to say by incorporating all levers – strategic, professional, organizational, technological, with the aim of anticipating impacts on humans and, consequently, on collaborators, senior executives, shareholders, clients and citizens. To this end, Howard has developed its own methodologies, based on the know-how of leading international firms but also supplemented with practices derived from socio-dynamics and tools for assessment in terms of balance of power and wealth, the environment and society.

What Howard, a genuine orchestra conductor, proposes, in its added-value to clients, is to transform companies and lead an ecosystem of complementary and qualitative experts, whose skills include gamification, technological innovation, prospection, academic research, training and coaching.




Philippe Auther

Philippe Auther’s career has been primarily in banking institutions and leading consulting firms. Known as “The Visionary”, Philippe likes to understand issues in their globality and propose innovative sidesteps. He has also taught ESCP Business school students for more than 15 years.

Stéphane Baligand

Stéphane Baligand has a background in auditing and consulting with leading Anglo-Saxon institutions, particularly in the financial, banking and insurance sectors. Known as “The Federator”, Stéphane is an expert in thinking up solutions to preserve collective momentum. 

Olivier Cuisinier

Olivier Cuisinier also boasts extensive banking and consulting experience. He is, above all else, a committed and ceaseless creator of businesses. Known as “The Organizer”, Olivier is passionate about rallying men and women around complex and challenging transformation projects.

Charles Deffains

Charles Deffains has a background in the insurance sector, having worked with leading international consulting firms. Known as “The Perfectionist”, Charles excels at identifying the weak signals that make all the difference and boasts an extraordinary capacity of holistic synthesis.

Senior Advisors

Diana Brondel

Diana Brondel, founder of Xaalys, a teenage bank, formerly from the Inspectorate Generale and chief of staff for the Deputy CEO of international retail banking and financial services for the Société Générale Group.

Denis Jacquet

Denis Jaquet, founder of DayOne Event and “Parrainer la Croissance” (“Sponsor Growth”), as well as author of “Uberization” and “Why your next boss will be Chinese”.

Celine Mas

Céline Mas, founder of “Return for Society”, a network of advice on social impact issues, president of UN Women France and former Director of a consulting firm.

Thomas Sorreda

Thomas Sorreda, professor at the EDHEC Business School, where he teaches sociology and corporate organization, and former consultant to a number of management consulting firms.

The ecosystem